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About[edit | edit source]

COEN is the first mid-boss you encounter in Let It Die. He is vulnerable to Piercingiconsmall.png Piercing damage and can drop D.O.D. ARMS metals.

Meijin Advice Note[edit | edit source]

The mid-boss COEN is blind, relies on sound to attack, so if you don't make noise, it won't know where you are! With Crouch Mode, it's pretty easy to beat it. Just watch out for its howl, as it'll locate you from the echo: crouch and run!

Locations[edit | edit source]

COEN can be found on Floor 3 Tamata, Floor 26 Oshimi, and Floor 34 Nitanda.

COEN will only appear on each floor once per tower run. He remains defeated until you go back to the waiting room, which resets the boss encounters.

Floor 3 TAMATA[edit | edit source]

Attack Patterns[edit | edit source]

COEN has 3 types of attack on Floor 3:

  • He punches into the ground, first with his right arm, then with his left. On the second punch he'll turn to face you, even if you stand behind him. COEN will only use this attack if he can hear you, and he'll often run toward you before executing it, which means it's pretty easy to see it coming. After two quick punches, he'll pause for a moment; this is an opportunity to get a couple attacks in.
  • He pounds the ground, making shockwaves around him. The shockwaves do pretty decent damage and will knock you to the ground if they hit. COEN will generally use this attack if he hears you within melee range, though he may also use it if he can't tell where you are. Before using this attack, he'll make a small jump. As with the one-two punch, he'll pause after attacking, allowing you to hit him.
  • He charges you at high speed. This attack deals massive damage and can easily catch new players off-guard. Before charging, COEN will quickly look left and then right, but it's a very brief animation, so you need to watch him closely. COEN will begin using this attack once he reaches yellow health.

Health[edit | edit source]

This COEN has approximately 820 Health.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

COEN has 3 possible rewards:

He also grants 250 EXP when killed.

Boss Strategy[edit | edit source]

Since COEN uses mainly melee-range attacks and he's weak to Piercingiconsmall.png Piercing damage, a Fireworks Launcher will be the best option. Avoid running so he can't hear you, shoot from a distance any time he stops to attack, and watch out for his charge attack when he's at low health.

If you don't have access to Fireworks Launchers, you'll need to make use of the pauses between COEN's attacks. Make noise so he'll attempt to punch you, then move away to avoid damage. Once he's made his second punch, attack him once or twice, depending on how fast your weapon is. Avoid staying too close, so he wont use his Ground Pound attack.

The Hockey Stick is a good weapon for this strategy. It does good damage and can hit once between each attack pattern. Avoid using an Iron; its long attack animation can give COEN a chance to hit you and, since he's already blind, the steam clouds from its Rage Move won't stop him from attacking.

Floor 26[edit | edit source]

Attack Patterns[edit | edit source]

This version of COEN gains no new attacks; he uses the same attacks as the COEN on Floor 3.

Health[edit | edit source]

COEN has approximately 15940 Health on Floor 26. He can be reduced to yellow health after about 12550 damage.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

COEN has 3 different possible rewards:

  1. Kill Coins
  2. D.O.D. ARMS Black Metal
  3. Rank ? Equipment

Boss Strategy[edit | edit source]

This COEN is the same as COEN on Floor 3, with vastly more health and higher attack power. Bring a large supply of decent weapons and hit him until he's dead. As with the first COEN, keep a close eye out for his charge attack once he reaches low health.

Stingshrooms and Transparungus or Slowmungus can be used to make this fight easier, if needed.

Floor 34[edit | edit source]

Attack Patterns[edit | edit source]

COEN gains two new attacks on this floor:

  • He uses a pair of bodies as flails. He first hits the ground with a body held in his right hand, and then with a body in the left hand. This attack is similar to the one-two punch from Floor 3, but with a greatly extended range.
  • He throws bodies at you. This generally happens if you make noise while far away from him. COEN has an infinite supply of bodies; after throwing one, he can simply pull another out of his back.

This version of COEN can also charge at any time, no matter how much health he has.

Health[edit | edit source]

COEN has approximately 27650 Health on Floor 34. He can be reduced to yellow health after about 22350 damage.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The COEN on this floor has 3 possible rewards:

  1. Kill Coins
  2. D.O.D. ARMS Red Metal
  3. Rank ? Equipment

Boss Strategy[edit | edit source]

For this fight, make sure to bring a hefty supply of mushrooms: Stingshrooms, Slowmungus, Guardshrooms if you have any, and Lifeshrooms. COEN can easily kill you in one shot on this floor, so not allowing him to attack is the best strategy for surviving.

Mid- to long-range weapons with pure Piercingiconsmall.png Piercing damage are your best bet for weapons. Since War Ensemble offers quite a range of gun options, it may be worthwhile to equip Drill Sergeant decals. Steel Axes deal good damage as well, if you prefer using a Striker. With appropriate mastery and item levels, plus the Stingshroom strategy, each axe hit should do about 500-1000 damage.

Glitch[edit | edit source]

There's currently (as of Feb 9) a glitch involving COEN on Floor 34. If you deal too much damage before he finishes pulling bodies out of his back at the beginning of the fight, there's a chance your game could crash. [1][2]

Boss Fight Videos[edit | edit source]

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