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R&D (Research and Development) Materials are items used to develop equipment from Blueprints.

Once a Blueprint has been brought to Choku-Funsha in the Waiting Room, the R&D menu will display the materials required to develop a piece of equipment. Handing over the Materials and SPLithium needed will make the equipment purchasable with Kill Coins, after a waiting period determined by the equipment's tier. Only Materials in your currently active Fighter's Death Bag and the Storage Chest are accessible by Choku-Funsha.

The Wandering Shop, Gyaku-Funsha, sells both common and rare crafting materials. The selection offered varies depending on which floor the shop has settled in.

Common Materials and Material-Specific Areas[edit | edit source]

There are six types of common materials that can be found in a variety of forms throughout the tower: Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Wood, Oil, and Fabric.

In General areas, any type of common material can be found, but only in one "quality tier" according to floor number:

Tier Floors Iron Aluminum Copper Wood Oil
1 1 - 10 Iron Scraps Aluminum Scraps Clump of Copper Scraps Veneer Plank Waste Oil
2 11-20 Wire Mountain Aluminum Can Piece of Broken Copperware MDF Vegetable Oil
3 21-30 Mass of Iron Bolts Aluminum Engine Part Copper Wire Mountain Rosewood Crude Oil
4 31-40 Steel Pure Aluminum Pure Copper Walnut Mineral Oil
5 * Ultra-Pure Iron Aluminum Alloy 7075 Oxygen-free Copper Mahogany Chemo-Synthesized Oil
6 41+ Special Steel Aluminum Alloy 9048 Snake Wood

There are also material-specific areas. In these areas the materials that appear have a chance to be up to two tiers lower or one tier higher than the current floor's tier.

An example of this is Takayama, an Aluminum-only area. Because it's on the 34th floor, normally only Pure Aluminum (Tier 4) would appear, but because this district is material specific, you can also find Aluminum Can (Tier 2), Aluminum Engine Part (Tier 3), and Aluminum Alloy 7075 (Tier 5). Material-specific floors are the only way to obtain Tier 5 versions of Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Wood, and Oil.

Any type of cloth can be found on any Cloth-only floor. These include Cotton, Hemp, Wool, Leather, and Silk.

Rare Metals[edit | edit source]

Tuber Metals[edit | edit source]

Tuber Metals are one of the two types of Rare Metals. They are rarely dropped by correspondingly named Tubers and include Scratch Metal, Hovering Metal, Bone Metal, Bullet Metal, and Reversal Metal.

Tuber Metals can also be obtained through certain Quests.

Faction Metals[edit | edit source]

Faction Metals are the other Rare Metal type, primarily obtained as drops from Mid-Bosses and Dons, and from the gold chests in Trap Rooms.

They can also be obtained through certain Quests, purchased at Gyakufunsha, or rarely found in Uncle Prime boxes or login rewards.

Each Mid-Boss and Don corresponds to a faction, and each set of 10 floors corresponds to a color:

D.O.D. ARMS COEN Floor 10 Don
War Ensemble JIN-DIE Floor 20 Don
Candle Wolf GOTO-9 Floor 30 Don
M.I.L.K. U-10 Floor 40 Don
1-10 Blue
11-20 Green
21-30 Black
31-40 Red

This means that, for example, the JIN-DIE on 16F Kaga drops War Ensemble Green Metal, while the GOTO-9 on 11F Maka-Tsutsumi drops Candle Wolf Green Metal. Trap Room chests follow the color rules but can always drop metals of any faction.

Certain metals can't be obtained by boss drop because they correspond to boss combinations that don't exist, which means Trap Rooms are the main method of obtaining them. These metals are D.O.D. ARMS Green Metal, Candle Wolf Blue Metal, M.I.L.K. Blue Metal, M.I.L.K Green Metal, and M.I.L.K Black Metal.

Note[edit | edit source]

There are Chests which can provide Blueprints and Materials.

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