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Mushrooms (Shrooms) can be found throughout The Tower of Barbs. They can have various effects such as Poison, Sleep, Restore Health, and more. Take note that some mushroom combinations can not be used, such as stingshroom and crushshroom (one buff would replace the other). Whichever effect they may have, they always restore a small amount of HP and award XP when eaten. Normal mushrooms give +10 XP, golden mushrooms give +100 XP, and skillshrooms give +500 XP.

Mushrooms can be eaten immediately or stored in the Death Bag. Certain mushrooms can be thrown at enemies to unleash their effects (boomshroom causing an explosion, doomshroom a poisonous cloud, etc.).

Many mushrooms can stack their abilities when consuming multiple of the same species. This happens mostly with mushrooms that have a time limitations causing the time limit to be increased with the consumption of each new copy.

*Note: certain mushrooms DO NOT stack. Example: "Lifeshroom" restores 25% but if you eat two, they will not stack to 50%.

Normal Mushrooms can be grilled to enhance their properties. Grilling can be done at various fires in the tower, including the brazier next to the Mushroom Club in the Waiting Room. To grill mushrooms, enter throw mode while near a fire. When close enough to the fire, the "throw" icon will change into a "grill" icon. Pressing X will make the fighter step forward and hold out the item for grilling.

*Note: Distance from the flame is important, and some fires in the tower have have a smaller 'sweet spot' than others. Standing too close will set the fighter on fire, while too far will result in a failure to grill the item. Successive grilling may shift the fighter slightly, moving them closer to the flame or further away (potentially changing the Grill option back to Throw). While grilling, the outstretched item can be moved allowing for easier access to "sweet spots" in the fire.

Types of Mushrooms[edit | edit source]

# Use Name Description Effect Effect Time Cooked Effect Cooked Effect Time Beast Floor Range
1 Eat Heartshroom The heart-shaped cap of the mushroom restores health when eaten. Its effects increase with heat. It is a delicacy. Restores HP (M)

100 HP

Instant Restores HP (M)

150 HP

Instant N/A 1+
2 Eat Toughshroom Crystal-like minerals have formed over time. Tough and non-poisonous. Not ideal for eating, but can harden the user temporarily. Defense Up 50% 30 Seconds Defense UP 50% 40 Seconds N/A 1+
3 Eat Crushroom Tough and sinewy, this mushroom increases muscle strength for a short time. Often used for doping, it is delicious when grilled. Attack Up 50% 30 Seconds Attack Up 50% 40 Seconds N/A 1+
4 Throw Boomshroom This grenade-shaped mushroom explodes when force is applied. One of the "3 Exploshrooms." It tastes bitter like gunpowder. Explosion

240 Dmg

Impact Big Explosion

300 Dmg

Instant N/A 1+
5 Eat Staminungus Its leg-shaped fungi dissolve fatigue quickly. Once eaten, fatigue will disappear for a short time. Surprisingly tasty. Infinite Stamina 30 Seconds Infinite Stamina 40 Seconds N/A 21+
6 Throw Fluffy Fungus Has a round, cotton-like cap, and poisonous spores. Just touching it will put you to sleep. Do not trust its sweet smell. REM Sleep 20 Seconds Non-REM Sleep 40 Seconds N/A 1+
7 Throw Doomshroom Contains α-Doomitin poison that induces vomiting. Can be lethal. Releases poison gas as a defense. Heat only enhances the poison. Deadly Poison 30 Seconds Lethal Posion 60 Seconds N/A 1+
8 Eat Yogashroom With a turquoise cap, this mushroom aids the user's concentration. It spread from India to the island of South Tokyo. Meaty and tasty. Yoga Healing 10 Seconds Yoga Healing + 30 Seconds N/A 1+
9 Throw Shockshroom Cells on the cap contain tiny amounts of electricity. Charges the body when touched or eaten. Numbs mouth, consume with care. Electric Shock

500 Dmg

Impact High Voltage Shock 650 Dmg Instant N/A 11+
10 Throw Punchshroom Resembling a fist, the tip contains propulsion parts and explodes when thrown. Known as one of the "3 Exploshrooms." Do not eat. Rocket Punch

1000 Dmg

Impact Big Rocket Punch 1250 Dmg Impact N/A 21+
11 Eat Transparungus Mysteriously thins the user's body tissue. It escapes danger by erasing its own existence. Flavorless and odorless. Cloak 15 Seconds Cloak 20 Seconds N/A 11+
12 Eat Guardshroom Its surface is metallic and inside is hollow. Stiffens the user's body tissue. Rarely seen, heat enhances its properties. Invincible 30 seconds Invincible 40 Seconds N/A 31+
13 Eat Slowmungus Has a unique eye-shaped cap and red hyphae that resemble veins. Slows time down. Has an irritating smell. Slow Down Time 10 Seconds Slow Down Time 15 Seconds N/A 21+
14 Throw Decoyshroom This pink mushroom studies the DNA of anything that touches it and creates a copy. Weakens the user's nature. Uniquely acidic. Decoy Bomb

700 Dmg

30 Seconds Decoy Bomb

900 Dmg

60 Seconds N/A 11+
15 Throw Lavashroom Contains magma-like parts in the cap. Very light and explodes at the slightest touch. One of the "3 Exploshrooms." Do not eat. Lava Explosion

400 Dmg

Impact Lava Explosion +

450 dmg

Impact N/A 31+
16 Throw Brainshroom This wrinkly mushroom drastically increases fatigue. Much is still unknown about it as it is so rare. Crispy and flavorless. Groggy 5 Seconds Ultra Groggy 10 Seconds N/A 21+
17 Eat Gambleshroom Poisonous when the black side is larger, beneficial when the white side is larger. Tricky to judge with the naked eye. Use Gamble Instant Use Gamble Instant N/A 21+
18 Eat Fun Fungus Cap is speckled with white warts. Fills user with strange power that repairs their equipment. Meaty texture, very tasty. Endurance Heal


Instant Endurance Heal


Instant N/A 31+
19 Throw Frongus Feeds on dead Frogs and contains tear-inducing properties that vaporize when force is applied. Not suitable for eating. Tear Gas 5 Seconds Thick Tear Gas 10 Seconds Frog 1+
20 Eat Mouseshroom Feeds on dead Rats and contains stimulating properties that are enhanced with heat. Sweet-smelling and tasty. Rage Gauge (S) Instant Rage Gauge (M) Instant Rat 2+
21 Eat Stingshroom Feeds on dead Scorpions and named after its stinger-like bump. Increases strength, but makes the body brittle. Attack Up 100%; Defense Down 50% 30 Seconds Attack Up 120%; Defense Down 60% 40 Seconds Scorpion 6+
22 Throw Fishy Fungus Feeds on dead Fish. Only the tip can be eaten. This hallucinatory mushroom is smelly but tasty. Confusion 15 Seconds Confusion 25 Seconds Fish 12+
23 Eat Snailshroom Feeds on dead Snails. The value of this fragrant mushroom is determined by the number of spirals, and has enzymes that improve immunity to bad statuses. Flame/Electric/Poison No Effect 60 Seconds Flame/Electric/Poison No Effect 90 Seconds Snail 9+
24 Eat Dragonshroom Feeds on dead Lizards and contains strange magic that gives infinite ammo for a short time. Chewy but dull in taste. Inifnite Ammo 10 Seconds Infinite Ammo 20 Seconds Lizard 21+
25 Eat Lifeshroom Feeds on dead Pillbugs. Revives user and restores a little stamina. As rare as the bugs it feeds on. Tastes citric and sour. Health Up 25% (On Fatal Damage) Active Health  Up 50% (On Fatal Damage) Active Pillbug 11+
26 Eat Vampire Fungus Feeds on dead Crabs. This coral-like mushroom enables the user to absorb some health when damage is dealt. Hard and tasteless. Absorb Damage 20% 30 Seconds Absorb Damage 40% 40 Seconds Crab 11+
27 Eat Evershroom Feeds on dead Turtles. This shroom adds a fatigue effect to attacks, and this is enhanced with heat. Smelly and coarse. Fatigue Rate Up 20 Seconds Fatigue Rate Up 30 Seconds Turtle 21+
28 Eat Oakshroom Feeds on dead Birds and momentarily improves explosive power of the next attack. Brittle and best eaten as a soup. Attack Up 100% Next Attack Only Attack Up 150% Next Attack Only Bird 31+
29 Throw Croakstool Feeds on dead Golden Frogs and has enhanced tear-inducing properties. With a smelly gelatin tip, it is not to be eaten. Thick Tear Gas + 30 Seconds N/A N/A Golden Frog ?
30 Eat Golden Mouseshroom Feeds on dead Golden Rats and directly stimulates the brain, increasing aggression. Surprisingly tasty. Rage Gauge (L) Instant N/A N/A Golden Rat ?
31 Eat Golden Stingshroom Feeds on dead Golden Scorpions and is more potent than the Stingshroom. Looks deadly but is extremely tasty. Attack Up 200%; Defense Down 80% 60 Seconds N/A N/A Golden Scorpion ?
32 Throw Golden Fishy Fungus Feeds on dead Golden Fish and is more potent than the Fishy Fungi. A true delicacy with soft, moist flesh. Confusion 60 seconds N/A N/A Golden Fish ?
33 Eat Golden Snailshroom Feeds on dead Golden Snails and aids the nervous system and relieves pain. Feels good to eat but has no taste. Flame/Electric/Poison No Effect 120 Seconds N/A N/A Golden Snail 11+
34 Eat Golden Dragonshroom Feeds on dead Golden Lizards and more potent than the Dragonshroom, this striking shroom is chewy but tasteless. Infinite Ammo 40 Seconds N/A N/A Golden Lizard ?
35 Eat Golden Lifeshroom Feeds on dead Golden Pillbugs. Revives user and restores all stamina. Incredibly rare and has a sharp mint taste. Health Up 100% (On Fatal Damage) Active N/A N/A Golden Pillbug ?
36 Eat Golden Vampire Fungus Feeds on dead Golden Crabs. Its tip is red with blood absorbed from other animals. Also known as the "brute," and tastes bad. Absorb Damage 100% 90 Seconds N/A N/A Golden Crab ?
37 Eat Golden Evershroom Feeds on dead Golden Turtles and contains more fatigue properties than the Evershroom. Smelly but tasty. Fatigue Rate Up 60 Seconds N/A N/A Golden Turtle ?
38 Eat Golden Oakshroom Feeds on dead Golden Birds, and is more potent than the Oakshroom. Very brittle, and tasty if made into soup. Attack Up 300% Next Attack Only N/A N/A Golden Bird ?
39 Eat Bronze Skillshroom Contains bronze, and resembles a human face. Trade these with Momoko Yamada for Skill Stickers. Smells and tastes bad. +500 XP Instant N/A N/A N/A 1+
40 Eat Silver Skillshroom Contains silver, and has anti-bacterial effects. Trade these with Momoko Yamada for Skill Stickers. No effects when eaten. +500 XP Instant N/A N/A N/A 11+
41 Eat Gold Skillshroom Rare and contains gold, seen as a symbol of the sun. Trade these with Momoko Yamada for Skill Stickers. Not for eating. +500 XP Instant N/A N/A N/A 31+
42 Eat Bronze Eggshroom This southern Boomshroom enhances already latent skills and abilities. Its firm flesh resists heat and has a metallic and slightly sweet taste. +300 XP Instant N/A N/A N/A All
43 Eat Silver Eggshroom A more ripened Bronze Eggshroom. Enhances skills even more. Its firm flesh resists heat, and has a unique metallic and sweet taste. +2000 XP Instant N/A N/A N/A All
44 Eat Gold Eggshroom A fully ripened Bronze Eggshroom. Greatly enhances skills. Its soft flesh resists heat, and has a metallic and very sweet taste. +20,000 XP Instant N/A N/A N/A All
45 Eat Red Stingshroom Grows in the nutrient-rich corpses of Red Scorpions. Similar to Stingshroom, but weaker. Smells coppery. Tastes awful. Attack Up 75%

Damage Up 25%

25 Seconds Attack Up 75%

Damage Up 25%

35 Seconds Red Scorpion All
46 Eat Umbrella Rib Fungus Useless little fungus that looks like an umbrella. Same properties as a Transparungus, but weakened by poison. Dry and nasty. Invisible / reduce HP** 12 seconds Invisible/ reduce HP 15 seconds N/A ?
47 Throw False Brainshroom Brainshroom impostor. The cap consists of self-replicated copies. Emits toxic spores when damaged. Tastes rubbery. May cause Groggy 5 Seconds May cause Groggy 10 Seconds N/A 21+
48 Eat Cateye Shroom Subspecies of Slowmungus. Reminiscent of a cat eye. Vision effects weakened by defensive poison. Chewy and gross. Slowmo/reduce HP**


*Really dangerous damage (-40~% max HP)

7 Seconds Slowmo/reduce HP


*Damage taken is increased to 50%

11 Seconds N/A 21+
49 Throw Boleoshroom Grows on nutrient-rich corpses of Goggly Boleos. Known to release toxic spores when damaged. Tastes fishy and gross. Possible Confusion 15 Seconds Possible Confusion 25 Seconds Goggly Boleo ?
50 Eat Ricebowl Shroom The "grains of rice" are actually powerful, swollen Heartshroom-esque healing components. Tastes better than most mushrooms. Restores HP (L)

800 HP

Instant Restores HP (XL)

1100 HP

Instant 31+
51 Sell Bronze Parasol Shroom A rare bronze parasol-like mushroom requiring hot and humid conditions to grow. Rock hard. Metallic odor. Inedible. Sell for cash (S)(500kc)/eaten for 100xp Instant N/A N/A N/A ?
52 Sell Silver Parasol Shroom A valuable mushroom with a silver cap. Very shiny. Rock hard. Metallic odor. Inedible. Eating it has no effect on the human body. Sell for cash (M)

(5000kc)/ Eaten for ? xp

Instant N/A N/A N/A ?
53 Sell Golden Parasol Shroom A valuable mushroom with a gold cap. Very shiny. Rock hard. Metallic odor. Inedible. Eating it has no effect on the human body. Sell for cash (L)

(20000kc)/ Eaten for ? xp

Instant N/A N/A N/A ?
54 Eat Helmetshroom Has a distinctive metallic cap. Contains minerals hardening body tissues, like the Guardshroom, but less concentrated. Invincible/ Reduced armor durability loss. Unstackable. 12 Seconds Invincible/ Reduced armor durability loss. Unstackable. 15 Seconds N/A 31+
55 Eat Bronze Pumpkinshroom A mushroom that grows on top of pumpkins. Contains a strong stimulant. Metallic smell. Sweet and with a good bite to it. Rage Gauge (S) Instant N/A N/A N/A 1+
56 Eat Silver Pumpkinshroom More grown Pumpkinshroom. Has a silver shimmer. Has an even stronger stimulant. Metallic smell. Sweet and firm. Rage Gauge (M) Instant N/A N/A N/A 1+
57 Eat Golden Pumpkinshroom Fully grown Pumpkinshroom. Has a golden shimmer. Has the strongest stimulant of all Pumpkinshrooms. Also the sweetest and firmest. Rage Gauge (L) Instant N/A N/A N/A 1+
58 Eat Bronze Snowcap Mushroom from the Tower of Barbs. Covered in snow to the point that it looks like a mini snowman. Restores durability a bit. 50 Durability Recovery Instant N/A N/A N/A 1+
**The reduce HP effect cannot kill you, but the effect will stop working once you get to 1 HP

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