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The Tokyo Death Metro is the asynchronous multiplayer aspect of Let It Die.

It opens up after defeating the first boss on the third floor.

Players can join a team. Teams represent real countries. Death Metals can be obtained through Team Fights for every 1000 Fight Points accumulated.

Defense[edit | edit source]

Players can set up several of their characters to defend their base while they're offline.

Players can set up defenders in the train area or the waiting room.

Raid[edit | edit source]

Players can use their current character to raid other players bases while they're offline. Raiding will earn you 10% of the raided players current Bank and Tank values, up to 5% of their total capacity (thus, someone with a KC Bank of 90000 maximum will be at most, worth 4500 KC)

There is a time limit set on the raid. In this time limit, the player must defeat any of the base's defenders and destroy more than 50% of the defender's base to win.

The destructible parts of the base are the Kill Coin bank and the SPLithium Bank.

Players may capture defending characters and take them as prisoners. These prisoners generate SPLithium and receive a bounty so their owner can free them.

If a player dies during a raid, they no longer loose all of their equipment.

A successful raid, or successful defense will earn you TDM points, the amount earned based on your total TDM value versus theirs. Much higher and you get fewer, down to 0. Also, you earn a set bonus amount of Kill Coins and SPLithium based on your rank (determined by TDM Point total).

Rank TDM Point Range Bonus Kill Coins Bonus SPLithium
Bronze 0 to 299 800 800
Silver 300 to 899 2000 2000
Gold 900 to 1799 4000 4000
Platinum 1800 to 3599 8000 8000
Diamond 3600 to +6600 10,000 10,000

Random[edit | edit source]

The Random tab of the TDM menu is the default, randomly generated, matched list of about 50 random players at a similar rank from every team who can be raided.

Revenge[edit | edit source]

The Revenge Tab will be shown when an enemy who has recently raided your base is available to raid. There is currently no bonus for a successful revenge.

Rescue[edit | edit source]

Players browsing for raids who have joined a team may sometimes see a Rescue tab when raids of this type are available. If a player of another team has successfully raided you or a teammate and has captured a fighter, the enemy player will appear on the Rescue tab. The purpose of a Rescue is to free the captured friendly fighter from the enemy's Restroom during a raid. Succeeding in a raid and rescue will reward the available Kill Coins and SPLithium based on the amount held by the enemy, as well as bonus Kill Coins and SPLithium based on the level of the rescued fighter.

Fighters held by enemies players on the Random list can be freed in a similar manner, but the Kill Coin and SPLithium bonus would only be applied if the rescued fighter belongs to a teammate.

Favorite[edit | edit source]

The Favorite tab will appear after setting a team as favorite from the live map in the Tokyo Death Metro menu. This tab will show a randomly generated list of about 200 similarly ranked players from the team you have chosen to favorite.

Buying Equipment for your Waiting Room[edit | edit source]

Once the TDM is unlocked, players can purchase equipment upgrades for their Waiting Room.

Equipment includes character slots in the Fighter Freezer, increased prison slots in the Restroom, increased Kill Coin Bank and increased SPLithium Tank.

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