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Underworld Rolodex

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The Underworld Rolodex is the players journal.

Mail[edit | edit source]

The Mail section of the Underworld Rolodex is a place to receive messages from in-game characters. Uncle Death, will regularly offer tips, feedback and supporting information about events that you have completed in the tower. Kiwako Seto will send messages regarding Direct Hell transactions such as expanding storage. When returning to the Arcade, the character Meijin will regularly offer game tips about weapons, enemies and general game-play. These tips can then be read from the Mail section. Captain Yotsuyama will send messages regarding bonuses.

My Data[edit | edit source]

Quest List[edit | edit source]

The Quest List tab allows the player to review quests that have been accepted as well as those that have been cleared. As the Underworld Rolodex can be opened anywhere, this will allow you to read the details of a quest without returning to the Arcade. The progress of a quest is tracked and displayed on the Quest List, providing specific information such as 5 of 10 Mushrooms collected.

Picture Book[edit | edit source]

My Collection[edit | edit source]

Tutorial[edit | edit source]