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The hub of your adventure, this is the waiting room of the station "Bottom of Barbs," the last of Line 15.
Situated under the Tower of Barbs, this room contains many interesting features.
Just what are you waiting for, you ask? Perhaps the question should be... what is waiting for you?
-Barb's Bible
This is the players hub. Here, they can shop for equipment, store items, level up, collect bonuses, access their characters and more.

Interesting Features[edit | edit source]

Reward Box[edit | edit source]

Quest Rewards, Login Bonus and Presents are placed in this box.

Storage Chest[edit | edit source]

Players can store items from their Death Bag here.

Vanishing Point[edit | edit source]

A fountain in the center of the Waiting Room's main chamber which provides access to the Arcade and fully heals the player.

Tokyo Death Metro[edit | edit source]

Restrooms[edit | edit source]

Fighter Freezer[edit | edit source]

Here, the players can access their fighters. Uncle Death can be asked to retrieve dead characters for Kill Coins which will keep their inventory intact. Haterfied characters can be sent out into other players games. The player can also choose which character to play with.

Tower Entry[edit | edit source]

Escalator[edit | edit source]

Provides access to the first floor of the Tower of Barbs, Ikegara.

Elevator[edit | edit source]

Provides access to any floor in the Tower of Barbs with a main elevator that the player has activated, for a price paid in Kill Coins

Express Elevator[edit | edit source]

Shops[edit | edit source]

Choku-Funsha[edit | edit source]

Players can bring blueprints they find here. Once you bring a blueprint and the necessary materials to develop the blueprint, you can start R&D (Research and Development). Once R&D is complete, the item will be available for puchase with Kill Coins. Players can also sell any items at the Choku-Funsha. His twin brother runs the shop Gyakufunsya, which roams the tower at random and sells crafting materials and blueprints

Mushroom Club[edit | edit source]

Here, players can purchase Skill Decals. These decals can be attached to the player to provide bonuses. If the player brings the bronze, silver or golden skillshroom to the Mushroom Club, he can trade them for Skill Decals. The player can also drink Mushroom Stew here, which includes a premium Skill Decal.

Grill: Throw Mushrooms or other edible items onto the grill to barbecue them. This will alter the items effects.

Fighter Retrieval Cost Table[1]:[edit | edit source]

Floor Cost (KC)
1F 5,000
2F 5,300
3F 5,600
4F 6,000
5F 6,300
6F 6,700
11F 9,000
12F 13,000
13F 17,000
14F 21,000
15F 26,000
16F 29,000
17F 33,000
20F 45,000
21F 50,000
22F 58,300
23F 66,000
24F 75,000
25F 83,300
26F 91,600
29F 116,600
31F 150,000
32F 170,000
34F 210,000
39F 250,000