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The Weapons in Let It Die.

One and Two-Handed Weapons:[edit | edit source]

There are single-handed weapons which you can equip in each hand, and double-handed weapons which you can only equip one of. It's your choice, which type of weapon you become proficient with. While 1-Handed weapons might be considered the default, 2-Handed weapons are characterized by slow attacks and high damage. They usually have a secondary attack (R1 & R2) which gives added utility against multiple enemies. They also sport hyper armor on their attacks which allows you to finish your attack even if hit by enemy attacks. This allows for powerful 'trades', in which you take a small amount of damage to deal a large amount of damage. While 2-Handed weapons are very punishing if used incorrectly, they can be extremely powerful if played with proper timing.

Ammunition:[edit | edit source]

Ranged weapons are different to melee weapons in that they will display an ammunition counter above the durability bar, showing 'rounds in the gun'/'total ammunition'. Weapons can be reloaded manually by holding X and pressing L2/R2, depending on which hand the weapon is equipped to. Ammunition cannot be refilled, and weapons that show 0/0 should be discarded or sold, however rage moves and finishers do not take ammunition. This means it is possible to keep an empty gun on hand for rage moves or to level mastery through finishers.

Mastery:[edit | edit source]

Each Weapon type, (Sword, Magnum, Katana, Axe, etc.) has its own Skill levels called Masteries. There are 20 levels of Mastery, gained with Ability Points (ABP) from defeating enemies, and each level unlocks things, such as a boost to the weapon's damage, Killcoin gain from a Goretastic. or even a new attack! These are key in unlocking some of the true potential of weapons.

Durability:[edit | edit source]

Each weapon has durability, displayed as a white bar below the icon, or a green bar if you researched the blueprint. Once durability reaches 0 the weapon breaks and is destroyed. Durability cannot be restored, unless you use a Fun Fungus, The lower a weapons durability the lower it's damage will become, thus it is advisable to carry a high durability weapon for difficult enemies and bosses, and a second weapon for low threat 'trash mobs'.

Weapon Quick Change:[edit | edit source]

Both the left and right arm have 3 weapon slots. Use the directional buttons to quickly switch between weapons equipped in these slots.

Weapon Quick Drop:[edit | edit source]

You can drop quickly an equipped weapon by holding X and pressing right or left on the D-Pad.

List Of 1-Handed Weapons and Advancements[edit | edit source]

Base (Tier 1) Attack Type Tier 3 Name Attack Type T1 MAX DMG T2 MAX DMG T3 MAX DMG T4 MAX DMG
Fists Blunt N/A
Buzzsaw Knuckles Slash Buzzsaw Masher Slash 38 97 587 1975
Iron Hammer Blunt Strike Hammer Blunt 31 79 477 1854
Red Hot Iron Blunt Death Burner Blunt/Fire 42 107 712 -
Metal Bat Blunt Spiked Bat Blunt/Poison 28 72 434 2214
Fireworks Launcher Fire/Piercing Fireworks Blaster Fire/Piercing 28 72 434 2877
Jungle Machete Slash Battle Machete Slash/Fire 32 83 502 2693
Iron Claw Slash/Poison Nightmare Claw Slash/Poison 63 161 440 1743
Long Sword Slash Dragon Buster Sword Slash/Fire 98 176 801 2489
Butterfly Knife Slash Combat Knife Slash 72 185 462 -
Nail Gun Piercing Nail Blaster Piercing 53 136 374 -
Arc Welder Piercing/Electric Plasma Welding Gun Piercing/Fire 137 421 484 -
Robber Crossbow Piercing Assassin's Crossbow Piercing 21 54 323 -
Pitbull Shotgun Piercing Cerberus Shotgun Piercing 60 154 422 -
Bloody Pitching Machine Piercing Ghastly Pitching Machine Piercing 141 405 513 -
Motor Psycho Blunt Executioner's Ride (ZX) Blunt 575 1646 2080(**2310) -
Cleaver Saber Slash/Electric Hornet Saber Slash/Electric 257 736 931 -
Pork Chopper Slash/Poison Zombie Chopper Slash 644 1197 1482 -
Bowling Stomper Blunt Bowling Crusher Blunt 442 823 1019 4057
Flame Wand Fire/Piercing Wand of Conflagration Fire/Piercing 133 382 242 -
Lightning Wand Electric/Piercing Thor's Staff Electric/Piercing 588 1087 1373 -
Stun Rod Electric/Blunt Stun Master Electric/Blunt 108 278 764 -
Fireball Baton Fire/Blunt Hellfire Baton Fire/Blunt 365 676 853 -
Drill Arm Slash Drill Buster Slash 260 744 1098 -
Spike Crusher Blunt N/A 2377
Static Massager Electric/ Piercing N/A 2824
Jackal Sword Slash N/A 287 - - -
Jackal Yo-Yo Slash N/A 575 - - -
Jackal Blaster Piercing N/A 345 - - -

**NOTE: Refers to the "Executioner's Ride ZX" variation of the "Executioner's Ride" weapon

List Of 2-Handed Weapons[edit | edit source]

Base (Tier 1) Attack Type Tier 3 Name Attack Type T1 MAX DMG T2 MAX DMG T3 MAX DMG T4 MAX DMG
Apocalyptic Hockey Stick Slash Murderer's Hockey Stick Blunt 34 86 519 2321
Glinty Magnum Piercing Bronson Magnum Piercing 42 107 647 3066
Combat Pickaxe Slash Murderous Rake Slash 41 104 629 3219
Steel Axe Slash Axe of Destruction Slash 132 339 928 3693
KAMAS-A1 Assault Rifle Piercing KAMAS-SP Assault Rifle Piercing 62 160 399 2394
DUKE-02 Sniper Rifle Piercing DUKE-13 Sniper Rifle Piercing 132 339 928 -
Masamune Blade Slash Muramasa Blade Slash 668 1241 1536 -
Knight's Lance Slash Spirit Lance Slash 310 887 1121 -
Chainsaw Viper Slash Chainsaw Shark Slash 77 244 804 -
M-404 Rocket Launcher Piercing/Fire M-844 Rocket Launcher Piercing/Fire 1118 2625 3311 6009
Grim Reaper's Scythe Slash N/A 400
M2G-87 Piercing N/A 3303